Tools and fixture construction

The lecture “Tools and fixture construction” of Prof. H. Schirrmacher, Jade University Wilhelmshaven, this time took place at the Technologiezentrum Nordenham (TZN). The course with around 20 students was taken by bus to Nordenham to present self created concepts for drilling devices in front of TZN and Premium AEROTEC (PAG) representatives.

Besides the interesting discussions with representatives of the industry, lectures about modern aircraft construction were being held: Mr. M. Blümer, central services of PAG Nordenham, reported about “PAG with focus on the location Nordenham – range of products and production processes”.

Dr. C. Kulik, PAG Technology,gave his professional input about “process chains for the manufacturing of a CFK-fuselage section A350 – importance of production processes” emphasizing the topics tools and devices. As input from research – Prof. H. Schirrmacher presented “Innovative heating processes of toolings for the manufacturing of CFK components. A stimulating day with great sharing of knowledge for all participants that’s very likely to be repeated again.