The German centre of aviation- and aerospace (DLR) is the research centre of the Federal Republic of Germany for aviation- and aerospace. It’s  extensive research- and development work in aviationaerospace,energytrafficsafetyand digitalisation are integrated in national and international cooperations. Beyond it’s own research the DLR is responsible for the space agency in contract of the federal government for the planning and realization of the German space activities. Furthermore, the DLR functions as umbrella organisation for the national biggest lead partner.

At the 20 locations Köln, Augsburg,Berlin ,Bonn, Braunschweig, Bremen, Bremerhaven, Dresden, Göttingen,Hamburg, Jena, Jülich, LampoldshausenNeustrelitzOberpfaffenhofen, Oldenburg, Stade, StuttgartTrauen and Weilheim the DLR employs about 8.000 workers. The DLR has offices in Brüssel, Paris, Tokio and Washington D.C.

The mission of the DLR includes the research of Earth and the solar system and the research to preserve the environment. This includes the development of environmentally friendly technologies for the energy supply and the mobility of tomorrow as well as for communication and safety. The research portfolio of the DLR reaches from the fundamental research to the development of products for tomorrow. This way the gained scientific and technical Know-how of the DLR contributes to strengthen the industry- and technological location Germany. The DLR operate major research facilities for its own projects as well as service offering for customers and partner. Furthermore, the DLR supports the scientific young talent, conducts qualified political consulting and is a driving force in the regions of its locations.