Cotesa GmbH
Bahnhofstraße 67
09648 Mittweida

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The Cotesa GmbH is specialised in serial production of high-graded components made of fibre reinforced composite for the aviation industry. The technical focus areas are located at the production of complex CFK-profiles as well as extreme light weight multi-dimensional sandwich-structures. “We connect the innovative dynamic of a medium-sized business with absolute customer focus on deadline and quality. The tight integration of long-term procurement programme of the aviation industry establishes a solid foundation our future development. The adequate and constant development of resources based upon up to date technology is an obvious condition for stability and growth for the family-owned business.
Certified according EN 9100, quality-management systems in the European aviation industry.

Our core competencies

  • Fast and professional introduction and optimisation of new manufacturing processes
  • Technologies for complex high-performance profiles, including curved profiles and frames
  • Technologies for curved comb panelling