FFT Produktionssysteme GmbH & Co. KG
Schleyerstraße 1
36041 Fulda

Dr. Gregor Graßl
E-Mail: gregor.grassl@fft.de

FFT is a worldwide operating system supplier of automated and flexible production facilities.

With our about 2.500 employees, our long-standing experience and our extensive portfolio we can offer individual customer specific solutions.

In the field of aviation our focus lies on mobility tests and highly flexible production systems to meet the demands of the aviation industry.

FFT Aviation integrates robots and autonomous driving systems as well as demanding Industry-4.0-applications and therefore guarantees production technologies of the latest technology.

By using simulation software and virtual commissioning of automated systems the individual processing is qualitative enhanced and punctual delivery is ensured. With our international focus we are able to offer global implementation competence and make sure that all the cultural characteristics are taken into account.

Together with Premium Aerotec – FFT develops an automated manufacturing cell for the positioning of stringers for CFK-fuselage. Special challenges pose the material characteristics and the size of the components.

The aim was to integrate stringers of various geometrics (lengths, angular dimensions, longitudinal alignment) in various configured shells with a precise automated procedure.

Project FML

Project MBFast18