Premium AEROTEC GmbH
Bergstraße 4
26954 Nordenham

Tel.: 04731 362498
Contact: Bernhard Bahlmann

Premium AEROTEC is one of the worldwide leading “Tier-1-supplier” of aeroplane structures as well as a partner of the major European and international aircraft programmes. Core business is the development and manufacturing of large-scale aircraft components made out of aluminium, titanium and carbon fibre composites (CFK). Premium AEROTEC with its products is represented in all civil Airbus-programmes. Furthermore the company delivered an important contribute to the Boeing B787 “Dreamliner”.

To help shape the future of aviation there is the need of continuous new ideas that combines the technical progress with economical and ecological efficiency. That’s why our engineers and developers of Premium AEROTEC are constantly working on new and further development lightweight and maximal reliable aeroplane structures. They are cooperating closely with universities and research facilities.

Products + Services:

  • Airplane hull structures made out of CFK and aluminium
  • Airplane wing systems
  • Manufacturing systems
  • Services