Cooperating robots evolve to a flexible helper for humans in production. The worker can flexibly place appropriately trained robots at a designated workplace to carry out monotonous and repetitive work.

The condition is an appropriate safety concept and intelligent control technology for coordination at work with interaction of humans. At the technology centre ideas are being developed and concepts are being tested for the potential of such approaches to understand and to prepare for an implementation. Exemplary are the sealant application (see pictures) or multiple drilling and screwing processes to name a few.

In preliminary tests concepts are becoming tangible and for the end user for the first time visible. Through the cooperation with experts of aircraft manufacturing, research institutes and system integrators, we are developing a competent preparation of the cooperation between humans and robots.
The aspects artificial intelligence is also becoming more and more important. Concepts and infrastructure are being prepared to perform tasks of detection and quality control with trained neural networks.

Cooperating robots UR10, loan of the company ELROTEC / UR